Broholmer, born 2001,  Put to sleep 2010.

A beautiful dog has left us for good....

R.I.P.  Friksen...






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Rest In Peace My Beauty

Faisal (Flakari x Tifanny) gelding

Ox 1700 / born 1991/ Died 2008

Height 14,5 Hands / Grey

Strain: seglawieh jedranieh of ibn sudan (Bint Helwa 1887)


The loveliest horse imaginable. Sweet and nice as the day is long, but still much fun to be around. I have had Faisal for almost 15 years.

He is my very good friend and I already now fear the day, where he is gone. He is one of a kind.

Faisal is a very special horse. He almost always comes running, when you call at him. He is calm and easy to be around.

But if there is something that doesn´t  fit in Faisals mind, he will do what he can to get around it.

He has his own mind and if there is something he doesn´t want to do, he can be quite annoying...


He has a younger rider at the age of 11 years, named Mia, who takes care of him and rides him.

This elderly gentleman is unfortunately not entirely well, he has arthritis in his hind legs and has to keep exercising

on a daily basis.


He has very good movements, with lots of elastic. He received gold-grades of all the judges at the national show.

Unfortunately the arthritis is having its effect by now.


Unfortunately we had to let Faisal go to greener pastures

You will be deeply missed.



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