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Breeding terms – Natural covering


The mare shall arrive without backshoes, with a clean uterine biopsi, she must be vaccinated and worm-free.


Live-foal-guarantee (for the first 48 hours) Which means that the mare-owner can return with the mare for a new covering,

if the mare should loose the foal or if the foal dies within the first 48 hours.


The half of the agreed coveringprize, shall be paid at the arrival of the mare, when the mare is established pregnant,

the other half of the coveringprize shall be paid, but not later than the first of September in the year of the covering.

The stablecosts for the mare shall be paid, when the mare is to return to owner.


The mare is stabled at the mare-owners own risk and expenses. It is recommended to pay for a life insurance for the mare.

The stallion-owner can not be held liable in any way, if the mare should fall ill or die during the stabling.


The stallion-owner will call for a vetenarian if necessary with or without the accept from the mare-owner - all expenses due to this are

to be paid by the mare-owner. The mare-owner will be contacted as soon as possible.


If the mare has a foal by itīs side, the covering will only be possible via frozen semen.



Stabling in a box in the period from the first of February -  first of May 50 kr a day

Grass during the summer in the period of first of May - fifthteenth of August 30 kr a day


Breeding terms - Frozen semen.

The mareowner guarantees that the mare is without any diceases and that there, to the best of the owner's knowledge,

has been no previous problems of getting the mare pregnant.

Half of the agreed covering price shall be paid immediately prior to the first shipment of semen - the other half shall be paid when the mare is established pregnant, however not later than 1 September in the year of covering.

Semen for 3 coverings will be forwarded. All expenses related to the shipment (including rent of container),

handling fee as well as the return of container, must be paid by the mareowner.

The mareowner shall inform when he/she wish to receive the semen.

Should the mare not be pregnant after 3 coverings, the solution might be natural covering or another shipment
of semen.

This may result in extra expenses for the mare-owner.

 The stallion-owner guarantees one liveborn foal (48 hours old) - However, and extra price is to be paid  in cases where more semen

is required than the normal amount used for 3 coverings.



Purebreed arabian mares 6000 kr (aproximately  800 Euros)

other mares 3500 kr (aproximately 450 Euros)


Discount when booking more than one mare.


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